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Posted: September 3, 2008 in @Taman Desa
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Since it’s  name imply something to do with fishermen, I guess it might be wise to order something from the sea , L ordered the Fish & Chips and as the friendly waitress recommend the John Dory, I decided to give it a try.

Included in the menu : seafood grills, mixed grills, steaks etc,  local delicacies like fried rice, noodles, finger food as well. The PM had earlier in the day announced the 2009 Budget and the  bits and pieces of the ongoing conversation of the 4 gentlemen  perched on  the bar stools were pretty much centered around this.

Coming back to John, John Dory, I mean, I looked up Wikipedia and got this pix of what Mr Dory looks like ( minus the chips and salad)

 Excepts from Wiki and some other WWW sites

John Dory, also known as St Pierre, refers to fish of the genus Zeus, especially Zeus faber, (coincidence? I am having Zeus faber at Faber Plaza ! ) of widespread distribution. It is an edible (won’t be on the menu if it wasn’t, I guess)  deep-sea fish with a laterally compressed olive-yellow body which has a large dark spot, and long spines on the dorsal fin. The dark spot is used to flash an ‘evil eye’ if danger approaches the John Dory.

Formerly known as St Peter Fish, because of the dark blotches on the sides of the fish, which are supposed to represent the imprint of St Peter’s thumb made as he took a piece of money from the fish’s mouth. ( what’s the money doing in the fish wor ? maybe moonlighting as Neptune’s purse?)

The John Dory is the top predator in its habitat. It usually gets its food by stalking it then shooting out a tube in its mouth to capture its prey (wow, and did u know that ?) . The John Dory eats a variety of fish, especially schooling fish, such as sardines  

Back to food.

For  drinks, I had Sea Coconut ( RM3.20) and L had White Coffee ( RM2.90), other fruit juices and soft drinks are available . The gentlemen at the bar were enjoying their beers, there are also other liquor available.

The Fish & Chips (RM12.90)  arrived and my first thought was ‘wah.. big portions’ and L said ‘ oh, I know the protocol’ , then started to centralized the plate on the placemat, arrange the drinks, cutlery and then removed his elbow off the table. I was sorta waiting for him to ask the fish ( or the chips) to say ‘cheese’ while I whipped out my camera.


Mr Dory (RM13.90)  arrived shortly – with chips, garlic bread and salad , on the sides. the sauce for the fish was served separately so that you can make your own decision on what you want on Mr Dory. The fish texture was light and the sauce was a creamy -sweetish sauce, which blends in pretty well with the fish.

Overall, the food was pretty ok,  the environment was pleasant ( especially thankful that it was smoke free that night) and we didn’t have to wait too long for the food to be served.

Fisherman Wharf Pub.

43-A, Faber Plaza,

Taman Desa, 58100 KL

Tel : 7829077

This is on the shoplots alongside Faber Tower, a few steps away from Secret Recipe


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