Of Bono and Molotov Cocktails.

Posted: September 1, 2008 in Mumblings

Are there any laws in Malaysia about waking up the neighbourhood  in the middle of the night ? Can I call the police and ask them to stop some house hold that are making too much of noise ?

 Last night or maybe this morning might be more correct, at 12:30 a.m, I was awaken by the twang of electric guitar (and Bono wannabe, singing ‘where the streets have no name’) , whistling, sing-alongs and clapping.

I look out the window, from the celah-celah pokok, I see the lights were on at one of the terrace -houses opposite the road. Merdeka day falling on a Sunday, mean that  most of us had an extra day to sleep in on Monday, and also an extra night to party on Sunday night.

I was fuming but didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t march over and ask them to stop ( maybe I can, but I might need an ambulance after that), They are now singing ‘Extreme – more than words’  

Maybe I should call the guard house and ask them to do something, but then this is something outside of the condo compound

I climb back to bed, and start to count sheep, but the sheep refuse to corporate.

 I look out the window again, wondering, is this not bothering the other tenants as well as their neighbours, why is there no one banging their doors to complain one lah. Or is everyone at the party and I am the only one left out ?

 I climb back to bed and realized that why people resort to settle their unhappiness by slinging molotov cocktails. They are singing ‘Oh Carol’

Maybe I should call the nearest pondok polis or even rakan cop to see if they can help me ? They are on to  the next song Mr Big -To be with you

It’s already 2a.m and they do not seemed to be slowing down or stopping, I hope that it will rain so that that will drown the music, but I can still hear Mr Bono Wannabe singing ‘I still hadn’t found what I am looking for’

It amazes me that someone can be making /planning to make so much of noise and , not thinking that there are other people out there that might be disturbed (especially after midnight in a residential area). Maybe I should talk to my local councilor or maybe I should see how I can get invited to the party ?

  1. lao beh says:

    peng yu , your blog very interesting leh :)keep it up 🙂

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hey Pengyu, thanks for dropping by ( here’s the angpou as promised for leaving the kind comment..hehe..) i still owe u a cuppa kopi – ( after > 5 years of offering )..don’t say wa bo sim lahh…

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