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When retrieving mails from my mailbox, apart from the regular mails ( not to mention bills), there was also a black and white flyer and before the act of throwing it into the bin I noticed that there were some scribbles on it. The flyer is from Restaurant Yan Yan,  dimsum at RM2.80/serving and the scribbler was  Cathy – from the 17th floor. Cathy was raving about the dimsum with recommendations on the items to try and she ended with ‘ I have no share in the business’

I have been to Yan Yan once- a few years back,  for seafood dinner,  I can’t recall what the food was like but remembered that we ordered crabs. I have seen the banners promoting the RM2.80 specials for a few weeks but hadn’t thought about it again until seeing the flyer, well, about time we pay Yan Yan a visit !

Stepped into the air-conditioned Yan Yan  at about 9:30 a.m on a Sunday , there was only one other table occupied. We were shown the pictorial menu of the available dimsum and each was at a different price, I was a bit puzzled so had to confirm with the waitress that the special promotion of RM2.80 is still valid. The answer was yes.

We ordered tea  and study the menu.

 Spring roll 春卷 : I must say that they don’t skint on the fillings, which  include  sengkuang, black fungus, mushroom, dried prawns . Very tasty , very promising start !


Seafood siu mai- this was average


Special siu mai   – the Chinese name was a bit more descriptive, with the play on words to indicate that there is yim-sai  in the siu mai , this is yummy..


By now, we realized that the dimsum were rather salty….

 Char siu pau – this was highly recommended by the waitress ( as well as the lotus paste -pau) .. as I am not too partial to sesame oil (麻油)  and that I like the filling black and not reddish- this don’t get a good rating from me lah

They have peanut porridge, century egg+lean pork porridge- we ordered the century egg+lean pork  ..there was a touch of dried oyster taste too..the porridge was smooth with plenty of gigantic soft peanuts as well, yummy ( also a bit salty)

 Salad bread ball- sorta like a mini bread burger with mayo on the side, interesting, I enjoyed this – well worth a try.

We noticed some fried items kept warm in the oven which were not on the menu- am not sure are they part of the promotion, but we were already full and therefore I had to miss out on the wu-kok..sniff snifff. Other stuff on the menu : King prawn dumpling, fish ball, chicken claws, water chestnut siew mai, pro and fish dumpling with egg, glutinous rice,

 Overall, I would say that this is pretty reasonable priced dimsum and the quality of food is pretty ok too. I hope that the promotion stays for a while so that can  get to try out the rest of the menu

For dimsum : 8 p.m – 2pm next day

Restaurant Yan Yan Sdn Bhd 仁仁海鲜酒家

No. 233 & 235 4th Mile, Old Klang Road

58100 KL

Tel : 79845972


You should be able to see the restaurant from the roadside.