What you can do with RM1

Posted: August 17, 2008 in Mumblings

The door bell rang at the office  and they let in 3 fresh faced persons, age range  probably 17 – 24 . They donned vests of a  well known animal welfare organization complete with brochures and clipboard. They asked for permission to talk to the staff and as it was during lunch break, the office manager gave the green light. 

 This is an organization that I support , diligently paying my annual membership as well as whenever there are causes that I feel strongly for. I welcomed them as they approached my desk and  I was congratulated for my support and contribution.

 The girl in the blue eye-shadow  (GIBE) was explaining the advantage of making a monthly deduction by credit card compared to the erratic cheques that ( might ) be posted to them whenever I feel like making a contribution i.e it would be  easier for them to plan their programs etc. and snippets of the conversation include :


GIBE: when we were at the other office, we overhead  the officer talking on the telephone saying that if he sees RM30 on the street, he will think about whether it will be worth his effort to pick up the RM30, and this RM30 is what we are asking from you to contribute monthly, will you pick up RM30 from the floor ? 

Me : Why not ?  I will even make an effort to pick up 10sen on the floor, let alone RM30.


 GIBE: Oh, you are in the xx department, you must be earning a lot , right ?

Me : * speechless* , stared at GIBE and wanted to asked her to mind her own business.


GIBE: we are only asking for RM1 a day, now with price increases everywhere with RM1 what can u buy right ?

Me : well…. (I can pay for 2 hours of parking, enough postage for 3 letters, buy 3 eggs , some Hudson or Hacks sweets , buy a longgok of siau-pai-chai at the pasar malam…)


 GIBE: we only accept donation by cheques or credit card and we do not accept cash, but if you want to pay cash, I will be very happy lah, as I will be able to spend that. Haha haha

Me : *speechless*


GIBE: ( showing me the company profile ) , these are our patrons, XXX company  ( and pointed to a well known public figure) , do you know him, is he your friend ?

Me : *speechless*


 And before leaving my table ( after being told that I am happy with the current arrangements of my contribution)  :

 GIBE : have you taken your lunch ? if not then we can have lunch together la, hahahha.

Me : *speechless* ( I should have said- ok, let’s go for lunch and sees if she goes pale beyond the blue eye shadow horrr ?)


I was flabbergasted …this is a worldwide reputable organization, and they send GIBE to solicit for funds – they are suppose to convince me/ the public to part with  our blood and sweat money ? I hope that the organization as well as others will make sure that the volunteers / staff that are representing them are better equipped not just with knowledge of the organization but also with some people / social skills lah.


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