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I always used to think that being vegetarian means abstaining from meat- simple as that, one words says all, but I guess life is more complicated that that – and I later expanded this to the following  ( extracted from

 The vegan, the strictest type of vegetarian, does not eat any animal products. Vegan diets are based on grains, seeds, nuts, legumes, soy, fruits, vegetables, and oils.Some people distinguish between vegan and pure vegetarian, considering the pure vegetarian one who eats no animal flesh, no dairy products, or no eggs, and follows a strict plant-based diet for dietary reasons only. While vegans follow a diet consisting of plant-based foods only, they are further committed to a philosophy that respects animal life and the ecology of the planet.

*As a result, vegans also do not eat honey because many bees are killed in the process of forced procreation to maintain the beehive and the continued production of honey. Frequently, large factory beekeepers kill off their hives late in fall or at the onset of winter. The practice is partly for convenience and partly for economic reasons. Rather than maintaining the hives throughout the winter, bee farmers find it more economical to start with a new beehive in spring.Vegans do not eat refined cane sugar, because it is clarified over animal bone char in the final steps of the process that makes the sugar white. Instead, vegans choose unrefined sweeteners such as evaporated cane juice, maple sugar, maple syrup, date sugar, Sucanat, and agave nectar.Vegans also avoid gelatin which is made from the bones, skin, and connective tissue of animals.

Lacto -ovo vegetarian : Eats no meat, poultry, or fish, but includes dairy products and eggs in the diet along with plant-based foods.

 Lacto vegetarian: Excludes all animal products except dairy products. Includes all plant-based foods in the diet.

Ovo vegetarian: Excludes all animal products except eggs. Includes all plant-based foods in the diet.

 If you are looking for a vegetarian meal with a difference, head on to Restaurant Mama Sayang, who serves vegetarian food ala nyoya styleAfter going through the swing-back wooden door, you will find yourself transported into an old kopitiam, with marble table tops, red chequered curtains,  tiny Chinese outfits  in wooden frames adorned  the walls plus  krosene lamps and old fans hanging from the ceiling .

 While waiting for drinks to be served, the appertizers will be delivered : acar ( pickled vegetable) and keropok ( crackers). The acar is a combination of cucumber, cabbage and carrots topped with grounded peanuts. We sometimes need to order seconds. Yummyumm..

sour plum+lime drink and keropok

sour plum+lime drink and keropok

 For drinks – a variety of fresh fruit juices,  a variety of teas, soya bean, cendol and ice kacang too ! I ordered  the sour plum+ lime. Try the kedondong drink ( it’s full of umpppp)  and the cendol is pretty popular too.

 There is a choice of white or brown rice to go with the dishes, and most of the dishes comes in 3 sizes ; small, medium and large.

For this meal, there were 5 of us, 3 guest of the company which include En Ahmad , a retired gentleman that hadn’t had a Chinese vegetarian meal in his life, so he was pretty excited and insist that we ordered the ‘deer meat’. The venison slices came with ginger shreds and spring onions – just like the real thing. En Ahmad was impressed.


The dish that could never go wrong- mutton curry, the ‘meat’ is tender , the potatoes just at the correct softness and the curry is rich. En Ahmad’s gave a thumbs up.


Kalian+ salted fish – this dish came with a slice of lime, we didn’t do anything with the lime as the dish taste ok without any further adjustment to it.



Asam fish – this looks like the real fish, complete with the ‘skin’ . En Ahmad asked ‘are you sure this is not fish ?’


Asam prawns – with these prawns,  you do not have to worry about your cholesterol level lah, the ‘prawns’ are served with chunks of pineapples and tomatoes. En Ahmad asked for more rice.


For those that would just want a simple ‘stand-alone’ meal, Mama Sayang has a wide range of noodles / rice , including : mun yee mien, S’pore fried noodles, fishhead noodles, nasi lemak, fried rice, fried koay teow, Cantonese koay teow ( wat tharn hor ( with or w/o egg)  etc.


Other dishes : yam ring, bayam in broth, claypot tofu, satay chicken, kangkong belacan. Roast goose  etc etc, anyway, the menu comes with pictures -which will help in making your decision.


Apart from serving food, you can also get some other vegetarian stuff here like : various sauce for cooking, pickles, dried ‘meat’, instant noodles, cereals , nuts and etc. and for the mooncake festival- the also carry vegetarian mooncakes. Near to the entrance  there is a variety of Buddhist  CDs  (mostly in Chinese ) chants, music or talks and also some books that you can take away ( and also a donation box if you wish to contribute)


If you are a frequent / potential frequent customer, apply for the member card, where you pay RM10 for a year of membership and enjoy 10% off for food( doesn’t apply to drinks)


Interestingly, before we parted our ways, En Ahmad said that he will bring the family including his mother-in-law for a meal at Mama Sayang soon.


Restaurant Sayur-Sayuran Mama Sayang

21, Jalan Desa,

Off Jalan Klang Lama, Taman Desa

Tel: 79846651

Same row as Taman Desa Medical Centre ( TDMC) opposite the Taman Desa Bomba station


Opening hours: everyday

10:30a.m- 3:00pm

5:30 – 10:30pm

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