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Many of us are still talking about Li Ning flying through the air ( and his not so flat tummy) and the grandeur of the Olympics opening ceremony and yet, there would also be some of us denying to accept the existance of the parking meters that had mushroomed along areas including areas postcoded 58100 last week

Frankly, we see it coming when the parking lines were re-painted and then numbered, then the tell tale little ‘pot ’ in the ground but nothing prepared us for the real thing –that coin guzzling parking meter that will forever change our lives..snifff sniff…..yeah yeah, for those of you that have been paying for  parking might consider it business as usual, and might even ask us to be thankful for the years that we have been enjoying free parking…


The meters are not difficult to use, just enter the vehicle number, and then drop in  the coins, press the button and voila, a little square of paper bearing the cost of your lunch money appears.

The rate :  50 cent per hour which is also the minimum, and interestingly, the maximum  that one can pay is for 3 hours of parking , meaning that, on  a normal working day, starting at 8:30 am to 5:30 pm- which is 9 hours, one would have to visit the meter 3 times. Which might be a good excuse to sneak of to the closest mamak for a drink, this might replace the water cooler as the gossiping area and might even help build the silaturahim amongst the people working in the different offices, as we are bound to bump into each other as we ‘refill’ the greedy meters three times  a day.


The mode of payment at the moment is only via the use of coins, although it is mentioned on the meter that you can use a card. When a colleague call up DBKL to find out, the officer mentioned that the card is not yet ready. SOooooo..meaning that,one would be using up RM4.50 worth of coins everyday, and in a week RM22.50 worth of coins…Wahhhhh..and in a month RM 90 worth of coins..double Wahhh…do we have that much of coins in circulation ahhh…in a year RM1080, and in 20 years it will be RM21,600

Will  free parking be a thing of the past and only be in history books or  on the Monopoly Board ? Well,  with Monopoly, there are still Community Chest and Chance where I might get lucky and get a ‘ get out of jail free’ card..