The Colonial – Taman Desa

Posted: August 10, 2008 in @Taman Desa
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As we enter The Colonial, I almost felt like I stepped into an old English auntie’s drawing room ( er..i do not have an English auntie nor have an inkling of what a drawing room would look like )  but the interior of The Colonial feels like a place where you would sipped Earl Grey elegantly ( with the compulsory pinkie raised) and being served scones and marmalade. The interior is in  white, with 2 areas cozily  set up with comfy looking white sofas and coffee tables, a tall cupboard storing ‘kopitiam roti’ right smack in the middle,  and the rest of the area are filled with kopitiam styled marbled tables and chairs.

Scanning through the menu, they serve a variety of local as well as western food. Which include : Pasta, Dockyard, Pork/chicken/beef/lamp chops, laksa, horfun, fishhead noodles, lou shu fun, chicken rice etc. We ordered the house special – pork ribs wrapped in lotus leaf ,  Ipoh prawn noodles and for drinks –ice kacang.

We asked to leave out the ice-cream in the ice kacang so it came topped with a lychee instead( RM4.80, and I think you pay a bit extra for the ice cream) . There were generous amount of cendols, beans, nuts, corn, cincau in the ice kacang.

The noodles used for the  Ipoh prawn noodles (RM6.90) was  yellow noodles , there were about  5-6 middle sized prawns in the bowl plus taugeh and kau-choy (九菜), the broth was clear and sweet.

The pork ribs wrapped in lotus leaf (RM13.90) looked very presentable, this comes with rice and chips on the side, hmm..not often that I get chips and rice on the same plate. Inside the lotus leaf ‘package’, apart from the ribs is filled with onions, ladies fingers and pineapple – in spicy, sweet and sour gravy, the ribs were tender and I would say that I enjoyed this very much and ‘cleaned up’ the insides of this delicious lotus leaf package.

The Colonial opens daily from 11 am – 10 pm

NB: One puzzling thing is that the bill came under the name of Restaurant Ipoh old Town whereas on the outside as well as on the menu, it read The Colonial


The Colonial / Restaurant Ipoh Old Town,

19, Plaza Danau 2,

Jln 4/109, Taman Danau Desa

58100 KL

Tel: 7984 8884


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