Top 7 Spicy Fish Head Noodles – Kuchai Lama

Posted: August 6, 2008 in @ Kuchai Lama, Glorious Food Elsewhere

Sometimes,  we just get so caught up in work or other matters ( or blogging..hehe) that we forget to keep in touch, which resulted in a call from J ,  and comments /questions including ‘ u still alive ah’ ; ‘is that how you treat your friends ah ?’, ‘why cannot spend a few seconds to sms or e-mail to wish me a good day or ask me how I am ah’. (J has this thing about making BIG BUCKS and going off to Mauritius and sun himself in a pink thong. ( yes, I know, scary thoughts)). Felt pretty guilty after that but that didn’t last long .  Anyway, also due to that, I started sms-ing ‘how are you’ sms-es to friends that hadn’t been in touch for a while and which resulted in meeting up with a friend for dinner.

Planned  to try out Goon Wah restaurant but it was closed ( and only found out later that they only do lunch lah) Drove around Kuchai Lama and L suggested to try out spicy fish head noodles.

Top 7 restaurant spicy fish head mee hoon, look and feel sparklingly new, and later we found out it was just 3 weeks old.  It occupies a corner lot, tables are set up inside as well as at the outside of the shop.

For drinks, the waitress suggested Yam Wheat black tea and Red Grape fruit, I do not take tea/ caffeine too late in the day, so I passed on the black tea and opted for sour plum jasmine tea (sans jasmine tea), L had the Red Grape fruit . the first thing that L exclaimed after taking the first sip ‘doesn’t taste like grape lah’ –my comments is that it’s red grapefruit and not red grape fruit lah.. 

and we went through the process of studying the menu again, the Chinese name in the menu for Red Grape Fruit says 红葡萄 (red grape)  anyway, not that we will solve global warming if we reveal the mystery of the red grape fruit. Other drinks on the menu include blue lychee, green honey dew, purple grape, apple/orange juice, Milo, honey tea etc.

 For the noodles, there are Spicy fish head noodles, Fish head noodles, Fish ball noodles. Fresh prawn noodles, bitter fish fillet noodles ( bitter gourd fish fillet 苦瓜鱼片), you can choose the degree of spiciness in your noodles, very spicy, spicy or less spicy. Except for the prawn noodles at RM11.70/bowl, the rest are at RM6.70/bowl.


You can also order the similar dish  but without the noodles e.g. Seafood fish head pot @RM10.70. There are also side orders like fried fish cake (RM4.20), fried fish head (RM3.90), fried fish fillet, fried fish paste, fried sotong/prawn/crab balls.

I had a less-spicy fish head noodle and L had the fresh prawn noodles.

The taste was pretty interesting as before this I only had normal fish head noodles, I would say for a change from the norm fish head noodle, this is well worth a try. There were 3 pieces of fish to chew on plus generous amount of salted vegetables in the soup,  I think the best way to describe the soup  it would be :  a cross between the normal fish head noodles soup + tom yam. L had 2 prawns in his noodles , 1 large and 1 medium, and according to him, the prawns were a bit dry/overcooked.



Top 7  also serves breakfast which include :  Fish porridge (RM6.70), roti toast- kaya+margarine (RM2.30), Garlic bread, French toast etc.

 Operating hours Sat –Sun        9:30am – 9:30pm

                           Monday        10:00am – 8:30pm

                           Tues-Fri       10:00am – 9:30pm



 No 45, Jalan Kuchai Maju 7,

Kuchai Enterpreneurs Park,

58200 KL

Tel: 7981 9677

 If you know of Win Soon Café– fish head noodles , Top 7 is on the 3rd  shop-block down  the road ( the lots facing the Condos)



  1. Anonymous says:

    Spicy Fish Head noodles? Ooooo Have you tried the one in Serdang called Ah Kiew Tom Yam Fish Head noodles? Try MIXING 1 bowl of milk fish head & 1 bowl of Tom Yam Fish head! Its superb!

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Anon, Ah Kiew Tom Yam fish head noodles sounds potent lerr.. *sweat*..where is the shop ler ? how big is per bowl and how much ?

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