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 Between  breaks after performing white stork spreading wings (白鹳晾翅)
, green dragon emerge from water (青龙出水), Golden chicken standing on one leg (鸡独立),   a bunch of us will be discussing about food and I will  be consulting Wikipedia Lim for makan places,  he used to be Taichi Lim on my e-mail list, recently he has  being elevated to a more befitting  status of Wikipedia Lim. 

When Wikipedia Lim mentioned a good place for clear soup noodles, I wasn’t too enthusiastic for clear soup noodles but I love fish balls, so thought that should give this place a chance since it was so highly recommended.

 We weren’t too sure what to order, I just know I want fish ballsssssss…. We pointed at the pictures to say we want this and this…but the person manning the stall at that time assured us, don’t worry, if you order a bowl of noodles, it will have all of that. There are the different type of noodles to choose from, meehoon, koay teow, lou shu fern, mee etc, and you can either have it wet (soupy) or dry ( kon-lou)

The noodles came with 3 fishballs, 1 fishpaste wrapped in fu churk (soybean skin) and 1 Yu kau (鱼饺,fish dumpling), The words that came into my thoughts when biting into the fish ball are- hmm.. fresh,  the balls taste ‘home made’ and  are not artificially crunchy. I like the yu-kau – the skin was springy and the fillings  taste of fish +dried sotong, I wished there were more fishballs in my bowl soup..More..more..more…





Earlier I had asked permission to snap some pictures the conversation went like this :

: which news paper are you from ?

:, I am not from the newspaper.

: which magazine are you from ?

:, I am not from the magazine

: what do you write for then ?

:…  I err..err…write about food on the internet..

 We were later graced by the presence of Uncle Lim at our table .

He mentioned that we were very lucky to see him , as he is usually behind the shop preparing the fish balls, and only on Sundays he will be at the shop front . Everyday Uncle Lim uses 80kg of fish and the fish balls  will be supplied to this as well as 2 other shops ( in Puchong). And he prepares 200 pieces of Yu-kau per day- so come early !

 Uncle Lim must have some ardent fans, the shop was pretty crowded, apart from inside the shop,  tables were also set up on the road and also between the alleys.

The cost is RM5 for a small bowl of noodles , and RM7 for the big portion, for extra balls, it’s  RM0.60 per unit.

 If you want to order just the  fish ball soup (without noodles)  it’s RM9 for 15 pieces and RM6 for 10 pieces. The price for Yu-Kau is similar. There is also fried fish cake at RM8, we didn’t order this so I can’t comment on the taste ( and it says abalone fish cake on the signboard)  , but they were kind enough to take that from the oven and let me take a picture.

The one that got away

The one that got away

 Uncle Lim closes on Wednesday.


If you come from old Klang road market, turn left at the traffic light ( Jalan Sepadu) before Pearl Hotel, there will be a row of shop lot,  including a small-ish market at the alley. Uncle Lim’s shop is a corner lot, Look out for Kedai Kopi Song Wan (look out for a sign with a caricature of Uncle Lim)



Kedai Kopi Song Wan (松园茶餐室)

No 38, Jalan Sepadu, BT5, Taman United,

Jalan Klang Lama, 58200 KL

03-7982 1021