Lament of the trees, postbox, traffic light and others

Posted: July 24, 2008 in Mumblings




 If you are a tree, one day, as any other day, you are minding your own business, photosynthesis-ing, taking in the carbon dioxide,   enjoying the breeze, the crows scratching your branches, dozing of in the afternoon sun, then suddenly there is this sharp distinctive  pain on your trunk, OUCH OUCH OUCH..and you find you are sprouting some synthetic leaf down your trunk 



If you are a postbox, as any other day, you are minding your own business, gaping for the letters, bills, cards that you feed on, waiting patiently for the man in the light blue uniform to come about at 3:30pm and open you up-you enjoy the sunlight beating down your insides as he empty you  of the collection for the day, then suddenly you sense someone standing behind you,  and  you have a few ‘plaster’ on your back and sides….



If you are a road sign, as any other day, you are minding your own business, doing your duty, standing proud, your face all puffy and red , silently telling the road users, back off, back off, no entry, the suddenly this guy come up to you, wind a metal wire around your neck and ….



 If you are a traffic light , as any other day, you are minding your own business, squinting under the hot sun, your favourite song playing in your head, studying the faces of the drivers as they stop or passed you, you panic as this person come up to you ‘red means stop, red means stop’ you give a silent scream, but to no avail, he walk up to you, and wind a noose around your neck





 If you are a bus stop , as any other day, you are minding your own business, grimly taking in the carbon monoxide and the dust as each vehicle whizz past, you enjoy  eavesdropping  on the conversations that takes place under your shade and suddenly someone with no intention of going on a journey,  come up to you and plaster you with stickers of all shapes and sizes




  If you are a car windscreen, as any other day, you are minding your own business, sun bathing, you dare not make any noise  as not todisturb the wiper lying comfortably on you,  occasionally a few leaves fall on you and on bad days you get bird droppings but you take that in your stride, then suddenly the wiper is yanked from her sleep and some piece of paper was slipped in between the two of you

Look around you, do you see trees with buntings on the trunks, do you see ‘tiangs’ ( poles) plastered with  stickers, is your postbox cramped with flyers, cards on your car windscreen ?

The items been promoted include, loans ( legal, of course), tuition centers, house to let, bank lelong, missing pets, delivery of home cooked meal, sewa lorry, launch of  housing area, kenduri kawin bunga mangga plus A4 paper with name of the happy couple and arrow pointing left or right, pasang Astro and many many more…


Can the dewan bandaraya or the parties that are responsible for the upkeep of our bandars and kampungs,  look at  removing  the buntings from the  trees ;  take down the banners on the traffic signs and  traffic lights;  remove unsightly stickers on the post box, road signs , buildings, electrical boxes,  ( leave the bunga mangga alone, please) –  that would clean up the eye sore and beautify our city, towns, housing area, villages  almost instantly



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