Amy Beh Cook Show – Armada Hotel,PJ

Posted: July 21, 2008 in Mumblings
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There is a magic word that would make most /some of us,  sit up and show some  interest in something….the word is ….FREE. Free samples, free seats, free parking,free downloads,  free flow of beer,  get a free blog at,  buy 1 free 1, Free Aung San Suu Kyi ..


So,that was how Chunny and myself ended up on a Saturday afternoon at Armada hotel to attend a cook show by non other than Amy Beh ( who writes the cooking column for The Star). Saw some stuff on display as we entered the room, then it dawns on you..nothing comes free la..sure got catch somewhere one la…nevermind one lo, without sponsors , how can we get Free cooking class ?


There were more than 100 pax mostly the womenfolk , and a pretty enthusiastic crowd too, I should say, we clapped when we get the cue from the MC, it’s like those ‘applause’ signs that light up and you respond and  comply accordingly as if your life depended on it.


Throughout the session ( close to 4 hours) we were told about the danger of the food that we eat, the chemicals, pesticides, hormones and if you care about your family and your health, would you not think that RMXXXX is not too much to spend to ensure that the harmful chemicals are removed before they get into your body ? do you love your children ? wahh…guilt trip mannnnn….anyway, i am really not sure of the effects of bubbling food with ozone and how that  remove / break down the ‘bad stuff’. Must check that out on the www.


To get the crowd to pay attention, there were Q&A’s with prizes for correctly answered questions, including guessing Amy’s age , – brought about because as she practices healthy living, she looks younger than her age, btw, she is 62 going on 63 ;  how long does it take for a chic to grow and be ready for the market/ to be eaten ? – 21 days;  what are the top 7 degenerative diseases in M’sia : heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, ostreoperosis and Parkinsons.


There was another sponsor who delivered her sales talk about her wares and started by telling us that this is her first time doing a presentation to such a big crowd and her heart is beating so fast. After she ended the talk and left the room, she forgot to turn off her microphone, and everyone in the room can hear her talking animatedly  to someone and gave a really big sigh of relief .  I am not sure how many of you watched The Naked Gun 2 ½ , there was this scene where Leslie Nielsen who was guarding the visiting  HRH the Queen, went to the bathroom to do his business and  forgot to turn off his mic..

Amy cooking stir-fried chicken with salted vegetable

The recipes Amy Beh prepared on that day include :


a)     tasty and nutritious brown rice porridge

b)     prawns and vegetable curry

c)     Stir fried chicken with salted vegetable.


If there are anyone interested in getting the recipes, please leave me a note lah.


For those that are interested in attending the cooking demo by Amy Beh, there will be another event on 10th Aug at 2pm at Armada Hotel. There will be a RM10 charge for 2 pax – we were told that those who are interested to attend can call the organisors. i will verify the numbers to contact and update this post.

**the number is 03 42941600- this number is the number of one of the sponsor.

  1. michelle says:

    please keep me informed on classes for year 2010 . thank you

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