Ipoh Chicken Rice- Jalan Gasing P.J

Posted: July 20, 2008 in @ PJ
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‘Why are there so many cars parked here ler’ that was the question we asked when we drove into the road – everyone’s here because of the chicken rice issit ? but the cars come and go pretty quicky, so it wasn’t a problem getting a parking space.


As we walked up the steps to the shop, we were very efficiently ushered to our table, and within seconds a guy came by to take our order.  Without looking at him, you wouldn’t have guessed that he was not local with his almost perfect Cantonese, his name tag read as Shell in English , and ‘Ah Snake’ in Chinese. ( since when is a snake a mollusc ? )

The last time I was here must be more than 3 or 4 years ago, where it’s still very much like the kopitiam kinda place with the creaky tables and chairs, so it was like a botox-reengineering thingy now..it looks pretty much like a fast food joint, bright and shiny, aircon , waiters with head appendages  and PDA-ish looking devices for taking orders etc, so hi-tech one lah…why is it that shops like these can spend some money on improving communication and services , and where in public services, the tax payers  contribution seemed to be use for buying equipments that can’t work after half a year ( if you are lucky) or too hi-tech that it gets obsolete in less than 3 months , why har ?


We ordered Chicken (normal , not the kampong chicken), meat balls, taugeh (bean sprouts)  and la-la.


First to arrive was the taugeh (RM3) , they look  fresh and crunchy and instantly raised some doubts in my mind…aiya..still look so ‘uncooked’ one, die la..sure taste very ‘green’ one la….and to my surprise, it didn’t taste green and  it wasn’t overcooked, it was just ngam-ngam cooked, crunchy and juicy and very good.. a simple ,uncomplicated dish.







The chicken (RM 8 )  was ok, maybe we should have ordered the kampong chicken instead and see what’s the difference.

The meat balls were oh-la-la, yumyum yum. We loved it. There’s  some ‘dried sotong’ flavour in the meatballs and the soup that came with it was very tasty.

The lala (RM 7.50) came a bit later than the rest of the dishes, we find it so so, the dish was a bit overcooked – making the la-la a bit tough, there were a bit of sweet Chinese wine but couldn’t really place the taste.


Overall, the food was good and we find the dishes reasonably priced. Other dishes on the menu : BBQ pork, roast pork, chicken feet salad, curry chicken, fish balls.


NB: about half an hour after the meal, i had that ‘thirsty’ feeling and the throat felt a bit tight. I dunno, you draw your conclusion.


New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice 107, Jalan Gasing,

46000 PJ

Tel:  79560958



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