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Posted: July 12, 2008 in @ Brickfields
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I have read so many good reviews about Oriental Spoon dimsum  from the various blogs,  that when I receive an e-mail for the weekend+ public holiday dimsum buffet promotion at 18.80++( adult) from 11.30a.m  – 3 pm,   I was filled with glee and immediately forward it to Chunny and called Sooka to make reservations for Saturday.


11:30 Before arriving at our table, we had to walk past the glass enclosed kitchen and saw the chefs busy at work, the kitchen counter was filled  with an array of dough, bamboo steamers, meat, utensils etc etc..we were very pleased to be shown to a table with it’s own enclosure.With the beautiful setting and the ambience…expectations are running high




11:35 : A  waitress gave us the menu and asked us what tea would we like and after making a decision, we asked her how do we order, is there a cart that goes around ? waitress reply, oh, for orders, we have to speak to her supervisor ..ok..supervisor  came to our table ( we were still 4 person short at that time) we choose the ‘Har-gau’ prawn dumplings 過海蝦餃皇  ,fried dumplings, steamed  beef balls in beancurd skin 腐皮牛肉球   ,  ‘siu mai’with scallops帶子干蒸賣,   ‘lotus root in guai-far broth  桂花糠蓮藕 and  ‘wu kok’- yam dumplings ..and we waited..and waited and waited…






11:50 : it was almost after 15 minutes (at which the other 2 friends had arrived)  before the ‘Har –gau’ came, there were  2 crunchy  fresh prawns inside each ’gau’ but the taste was pretty bland.









12:00 The beef balls came next and being more used to the ‘springy’ beef balls , we find the texture of the beef balls at Sooka was soft and the taste so-so. By now, the expectations of the food  had dropped to about a 30% level with suggestions  around the table on better dimsum around KL.







12:10 then..the Wu Kok came to the rescue… the outer yam layer was crunchy yammy, and the filling was tasty.








12:20 The lotus root thingy came next and the exclaimation that came from the first ‘food tester’ was..’eh..why sour one’ ? the holes of the lotus root was stuffed with something and the pieces came in  some kinda soupy thingy. I won’t order this again.





12:30 We started another round of ordering (and the fried dumpling hadn’t  arrive after almost 45 minutes) which included shark fin -‘siu long pau’, ‘egg tart’ , spring rolls, bitter gourd + fish paste 順德釀涼瓜  and  ‘yam cake’


12:35 Siu Mai came next, they looked appertizing and luckily didn’t disappoint.









 12:45 We enjoyed the egg tarts , the pastry were very flaky and the custard was not too sweet.

the queen of hearts, she made some egg tarts...















13:00 At this point of time, we have been sitting at Sooka for one and a half hours’. ..all the tables were taken up…I would say that from time of ordering , to getting the orders at the table, was extremely slow… after ordering, the dish will arrive after 10 minutes, some after 30 minutes and some didn’t turn up at all..as Alice would say ..curiouser and couriouser…!there were quite a number of waiter/ waitresses running around and they are very prompt to refill the teapot if you manage to get their attention, so it must be the kitchen’s fault that food is so slow ?


13:10 The rest of the company had arrived by this time, and another round of orders took place, congee, radish cake, stir fried vegetable, phoenix claw, beef and radish, and   including a repeat of the ‘har-gau’ , egg tarts, wu-kok.


13:20 And we ran out of food at the table !  it was almost a 10 minutes lapse  before the next dish came, the siu long pau, there were something resembling shark fins as the garnishing, and the comments were, ‘so dry one, no soup inside’ out of the 4 pau, only 1 had some broth in it, I didn’t try this, so can’t comment on the taste.







13:30 The stir fried vegetable was so-so.







Radish cake



13:40 Next came the yam-cake and the radish cakes, , which were pretty ok. And by this time, we had come to a conclusion…there is an ‘expiry’ time , if you don’t get your orders in say, 45 minutes after ordering , then consider that your order had expired (or self destruct – like the ‘Mission Impossible’ recording devices), and you would have to re-activate / re-order again. Which made us feel that -as if, since it’s a buffet, they don’t care that whether your orders get to your table or not.



 13:45  another round of ordering

red red claws


13:50 The phoenix claw looked as if it was bleeding after being  the loser in the heavenly combat with a T.Rex – why so red one ? We find the taste a bit too overpowering and wahh..why even the bones also so red one … 



13:55  The stew beef + white radish 蘿蔔燜牛腩  came  in a claypot, the general comment – the beef was tough

14:00The 2nd har-gau order came, and the comment was – better than the first, then surprisingly a 3rd order of har-gau  ( which we didn’t order) arrived, and instead of the four dainty ‘gau’ as  a foursome in the middle, they were ‘hiding ’ in a row at the side of the steamer.


14:10 we checked with the waitress on the ETA of  the egg tarts and we were told that, they ran out of egg tarts…hmm..and they didn’t bother to tell us.


I had to leave before the meal ended, so I have no idea did the spring roll, congee, char siu pau, …… ( and the other earlier orders) finally turn up at the table…i think it must be something about the cart that makes dimsum arrive faster at your table lah ..


Location : Sooka Sentral is the  building directly opposite the MAS Check-in area at KL Sentral.

1st floor, Sooka Sentral, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, 50470, KL
Tel: 03-2261 3222

  1. huichun says:

    The spring rolls, congee, siew mei etc ……….. still didn’t turn up after you left. ………. I guess the order vanished after time expired:-(

    While waiting for our long “expired”order, we “analyse” the situation and concluded the disappointing food and service are mainly caused by their ordering and food preparation processes. Make order-Take order- process the order- prepare the ingredient – prepare the dim sum- steam the dim sum- serve the dim sum-eat…………….. the bottom neck is on prepare the ingredient and dim sum (sorry, my bad habit of like to analyse failure appeared again)

    BTW, we managed to get our Char Siew Pau at last………… 3 of us have the same comments, you can get better pau at most of the coffee shop.

  2. velverse says:

    Awww… sorry to hear that you had the same experience.

    Well, it is disappointing. Er.. I guess the only reason why we got more food… is cause we were too hungry and order one shot. Looking at the amount of people… I think re-ordering means higher chance of food not coming.

    We also analyzed and wonder how come food sold out so fast and after so many weeks of experience from previous weeks… still they did not improve. And if food mostly sold out at 3pm… what would they sell until 5pm? Cause dim sum is served till 5pm (ala-carte).

  3. pegasuskl says:

    Well, the promotion is still on, i hope that they have made the necessary corrections lohh.. well, anyway, i don’t think i will be going back in a shortwhile for this dimsum promo though. 😦

  4. Josephine says:

    Oriental spoon has closed down already.

  5. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Josephine

    thanks for the info, i just know about this a few days ago lerrr… as i was trying to arrange for a meal for some guests

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