Getting lost

Posted: July 11, 2008 in Mumblings

I have a poor, a very deficit sense of direction, actually, for that matter, so bad am I at that, that  if you were to ask me, raise your left hand, I can’t do it automatically, but would have to ponder and then hope I did raise the right hand,..i mean the right left hand, I mean, the correct hand.


On Thursday, I was to attend a meeting at Shah Alam, and from there to proceed to the  Subang Industrial Park to meet a customer. A day before that, I had a colleague interpret the map that the customer had faxed over, looks simple enough, from Shah Alam, take the first exit after the Batu Tiga Toll, then go straight, hit the traffic light, blah blah blah, that restored a bit of a confidence, although it was still  about 6 out of 10 on the anxiety scale.


First things first , let’s worry about the first destination..smooth drive, not many cars on the road as it was a bit past the morning rush hour..hmm..was it the first or second or third exit after the toll worr..oh oh..this one looks familiar, let’s turn in..after 2 minutes..oh oh..wrong exit..roundabout ahead..good, let’s turn back to where I came from…getting close to the point where I made that turn in… then, got the shock of my life, I was on the wrong side of the road facing incoming traffic..Whoaa…didn’t see any No entry sign also lah..was the sign stolen and sold to besi buruk collector mehh ? Gostan- gostan.Panic, panic…. Headlights  flash flash. I am sure some of them shaking their head and the so- familiar comment..’woman driver..what u expect mannn’

Managed to gostan all the way  and then gave the roundabout another twirl…, managed to get back to the correct road and was in time for the meeting..pheww..


First challenge over…second one coming out..ok..back to the highway, pay the toll, toll gate guy was very friendly and greeted me with , ‘ selamat petang, sudah makan belum?’. Ok..ok..don’t get distracted, concentrate…first exit after toll..ok..i see it….ehh….the road now widens and started to divide…ehh…map never draw like that one.., which one to take lah..? ok..take my chance…lai lai lu tamplung…after 15 minutes of driving, I was not sure where I am and no inkling of how to get to my destination…the thought of giving up, just park my car and get a taxi crossed my mind… Ok..petrol station coming up..two of the attendants poured over the map, turning it upside down, inside out  but wasn’t too sure where the place was, but asked me to get closer to USJ , and work from there, mumble my thanks and asking myself ‘ u think u can do it or not ?’ …we will persevere….and perspire..


Signboards seemed to be telling me I am finally on the right path….Vvvroom..passed by a little white sign half covered by a tree….oh…did that sign say ‘taman perindustrian’?. Could not be guar..if Indistrial area, sure big big sign one mah…big factories ..sure a lot of people go one mah….after 5 minutes of driving, ehh..why no turning into industrial area one yet……ok..ok..better turn back lah…why can’t have a more prominent sign one lah…ok…back on track…felt a bit happier….oh.. sign by the road side says Industrial area, should go straight into the broader road or left…Industrial area, sure big area mah..sure need big road mahh…go straight lah..drove for 5 many bungalows one..hmm..why they want to build at Industrial area for…eh..too many bungalows la..saw a car turn into one of the gated community, I stopped and asked the guard..who turned out to be foreign, but thank goodness he understood what I was asking and told me that industrial area is way back there lah..sheepishly..took a U-turn….and drove all the way back to the junction..and found myself in the industrial area and after a few minutes, found the factory that I was looking for….


I need GPRS ! sponsors..?


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