Thai Food – Baan Aa-Haan Thai (BAHT) – Bangsar

Posted: July 7, 2008 in @ Bangsar
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This is our second visit to BAHT, We got to know of BAHT from the blog ‘a whiff of lemongrass’ (I am a fan) and attracted by the tantalizing pictures on her blog, we trotted to Bangsar.  BAHT’s concept is– no frills, casual and quick and the price is pretty reasonable as well.


After the first trip, there were still some unfinished business ( i.e. other items in the menu that we hadn’t tried) so, as Arnie famous quote ‘ I will be backkkkk’….


We ordered 2 portion of rice, one plain rice and the other chicken rice ( minus the chicken) to go with our dishes.


For the salads, there are option of  Paku-pakis or four angle bean salad.  I like four angle bean but was worried that as a salad, they might be very ‘green ‘, so we opted for the paku-pakis.The (blanched) paku-pakis came with a generous topping  of dried prawns and pickled shallots and taste as good as it looks.


The fried fish paste was filled with lots of  long beans making it more crunchy than the versions in Thailand and tastier  too,  I must say. It’s   more like a otak-otak fish cake. Arooy marg marg.


We had chicken rice the last trip ( which was good, by the way) , so for this trip we opted for green chicken curry ( or was it chicken green curry ? – I can’t recall the correct name in the menu ;  ‘green chicken curry’ seemed to imply that the chicken is green ? ( no the chicken is not green, only the incredible hulk and Kermit the frog is green, the chicken is normal) and ‘chicken green curry’ doesn’t sound right, or was it ‘curry chicken green’ or ‘neerg yrruc nekcihc’ …or..or…. well,   if you wish to order this, just  remember the key words, ‘green’and ‘curry’ and you can’t go wrong lah. Anyway, the curry was very ‘lemak’ – meaning very rich ( the way I like my curry) and with chicken in bite piece  (and i stress again, they are not green), long beans, the round/smallish brinjals, and some pea-like thingies ( that can be a bit bitter if you bite into it).


We had the mango kerabu the last time, a nice blend of sweet, sour and pedas  ( being not that tolerant to ‘pedas’ I remember being very  busy picking out the chili padi bits)-  we didn’t order it this time . Please try the Papaya or mango kerabu  if you visit.


Mango sticky rice —the sticky rice ( pulut) rich and pregnant with coconut milk and the flavour of pandan,  topped with mango is the perfect closing for a Thai meal.

If pulut is not your thingy, you can have the ice kacang…  if you are those people that like to make a decision on what gets into your ice kacang- you know la, those that don’t like corn , but likes more red bean, can’t stand green bean but loves the jelly, have to have exactly  8 units  of  cendols ( what is the unit for cendol harrr ?)  and exactly  5 squares of cincau, in your ice kacang, then you will love the ice kacang counter at BAHT, you can fill your bowl with what your heart desires, be it the thab tim grob (red thingies with water chestnut for the insides), jackfruit, cendol, green or red beans, and so on, and so forth.

We tried our luck with the staff on ,  does ‘self service’ also means ‘ free flow’ tsk tsk..good try, good try…. well, never try, never know…and we were told that we were not the first to ask this too..(why also got other people also so  greedy one mehh) …and no, they don’t carry the same meaning..



One other thing which I enjoy about coming to BAHT is the friendly and cozy environment, friendly Phang manning ( womanning ?)   the food counter, friendly Raymond recommending some dishes, friendly Julia ( the owner- who also owns Super Sandwhiches and JJ’s Juice Fusion Concepts) who is never too busy to stop by the table for a chat or two , the Thai knick knacks in various spots and the Thai songs playing on the PA adds to the Thai-ness of the place…


The location map and opening hours :



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