Nasi Goncang – Medan, Indonesia

Posted: July 7, 2008 in Sights

Was in Medan, Indonesia  for a short working trip and saw a flyer in my host’s car dashboard promoting  Nasi Goncang, eh. ? apa tu Nasi Goncang ?  nasi lemak, nasi tomato, nasi briyani, nasi lauk, nasi dagang, nasi goreng, nasi air…   those I know la..checked with my host, and he is as blur as me on this.

Before putting this into writing,  I checked the WWW for Nasi Goncang and seemed that some forum are discussing this, so pretty new even for Indonesia and started in Medan .. from my short search and limited understanding of the written Indonesian language, nasi goncang is explain as thus :-  instead of e.g. frying the rice  to make nasi goreng, for nasi goncang,  the rice is goncang-ed  ( shaken)to mix up the sauces and ingredients, I hope I got that right…. kinda like mixing a cocktail, I guess  ? What will they think of next…? 


Medan is a delightful place, I get to speak more Hokkien here than in KL, and the mixing of Bahasa Indonesia and Hokkien into a sentence sounds so comfortable, I missed out on the Kuih Lapis this time, but managed to enjoy the Terong Belanda drink ( I am not sure what fruit this is) but the colour of drink is pinkish and taste a bit like  pink guava juice.

 We had dinner at Nelayan restaurant – seemed to be a popular Chinese restaurant in Medan  – no photos, sorry, phaisay la..later people think I am doing part time job and tell my boss..then how !



 I love the parabolas…






  1. Andrew says:

    It is good that you love Medan food and its Hokkien.

    Terong Belanda is Tamarillo or also known as tree tomato. it is indeed a specialty of Medan.

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Andrew,

    thanks for the info on terong belanda. I also particularly like the markisa (passion fruit)drink. Tried terong belanda + markisa , which was an interesting blend.

    Are you from Medan ? Can shed some light on nasi goncang?

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