Dim Sum – Restaurant Kam Hin- Kuchai Lama

Posted: July 4, 2008 in @ Kuchai Lama

Nowadays, almost every conversation will either be about : our more-scandalous-than-a-Jackie-Collins-novel politicians or  how-can-you-compare-Malaysia-petrol prices- to-a non-oil-producing-country- petrol-prices or why-everything-increase-already-but-salary-not-yet-increase conversation.


I think that Malaysians are now more cautious about spending on the unnecessary, better save up for a rainy day horr ?  With that in mind, it was a surprise that when we arrive at Kim Hin (~ 9a.m) it was a full house, full full house, not an empty table in sight, which raise the expectation of the quality of the food even more.


We didn’t order the usual har-kau or siu mai or fish balls. But being partial to yam, I can’t resist ordering the Wu-kok and I am glad I did, the outer layer was crunchy and the inner yam layer was thick and melt in the mouth.

The fried dumplings – I think they are dumplings anyway, and I may be wrong-( the one in the longish plate in the pix above) that was very good. The round stuff on the top right  is a bit oily and the taste is pretty bland-not something I would order in my future visit.


The fish paste in nori sheets..hmmmm…the  taste of  the seaweed blends so well with the fish paste that nothing can go wrong (unless you have very lousy fish paste).


Fish paste in beancurd skin ( fu-chork)-  good .

Samosa prawns -you have the whole prawn (and more) wrapped in the wan-tharn skin –good



The porridge- I was expecting century eggs in the porridge but it was salted eggs instead and the texture was so fine and smooth- another good choice




To me, a  dimsum meal  would not be complete without char siu  pao, – just look at the picture, looking at it makes you happy , got or not ? say yes, say yes..

there were a bit of parsley  in the pork filling , which makes it even more tastier.



I am no fan of Chu Cheong Fun so that didn’t get to our table, but they seemed to have a lot of fans at Kam Hin.

The crowd waiting patiently for a table:                                       





Saw an interesting signboard for a restaurant beside Kam Hin,  in case you don’t read Chinese, the name of the shop is  ‘No signboard ‘ seafood restaurant ( M.C.P is the abbrev for  ‘mou chiew phai’)






Location : Jalan 1/116B Sri Desa Entrepreneur Park, Kuchai Lama ,

Go straight into Kuchai Entepreneur Park shophouse , Kam Hin is at the row of shophouses just after  Shell . Opposite is Sri Desa Condominium.



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