Ginger tea- DIY

Posted: July 3, 2008 in Things To Do

It was AhBerr’s mum who got me started onto ginger tea, she is in her 70s and told me that until today, she does not suffer from pains or aching feet because she drinks ginger tea everyday.

Ingredients :

ginger,  red dates and water

To make a bowl/cup of ginger tea : Use half of the portion of the ginger shown here, and a handful of red dates. You can choose to remove the skin of the ginger or have it intact ( make sure it’s clean from dirt ). Cut up the ginger ( or pound it with the back of a knife) and the red dates ( increase surface area mahh) .

Pour 2 bowl / cup of water into a little pot, light the stove then add in the ginger and dates. lower the fire after the contents come to a boil. Leave to boil for ~ 30 mins. Then the tea is ready.

If you want a sweeter version, add more red dates.

We tried boiling ginger tea at the office using a slow cooker ( which turns out to be a REALLLLY S…L….O…W cooker…this must be something from the  Flinstone era ) it took more than half a day for the tea to come to a boil. And after drinking that, Ms Chuah caught a fever and i had cracked lips ( which never happened when i use my little pot to prepare the tea) so maybe too heaty liao la..i am back to using my little pot now..

I looked up the net for some benefits of ginger tea : they include :combat inflammation, eases the pain of muscle ache, minimize the symptoms of common cold, allergies and other respiratory conditions, relieves nausea, helps the digestive process. relieves menstual cramps, limits flatulence.

The information here should not be considered medical advice


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