Room with a view

Posted: July 1, 2008 in Mumblings, Sights

You know what’s it like, you join a tour to some exotic destination and one of the itinerary might look like


4 a.m wake up call

5.a.m gather at hotel lobby

5.30 reach the peak of  Mt XYZ and enjoy fabulous sunrise

6.a.m back to hotel and continue with your sleep


And in the photos , half of the frame will be half asleep faces ( with or without lipsticks), bleary eyes but still waving the compulsory and cheerful  peace-signs and in the other corner the spectacular sunrise that everyone oohhs and ahhhs over..


How often will you catch a sunrise or sunset from your home ? have you ever make an effort to wake up earlier with the purpose to catch the sunrise ?  I guess for some of us that have to commute to work early or have school going children, one might be up as the sun does, but just do not have the time or the suitable frame of mind to enjoy the view..


What I am saying is one might not need to travel far to enjoy a spectacular sunrise or sunset, the sun  rises and sets everywhere, everyday….ok win, smarty pants.. the sun doesn’t rise at the north pole everyday 


Here are some pictures taken from my window



and here are some taken as the storm was brewing, the sky was so dark and i had that ‘end of the world’ feeling

Thi orh-orh, ai lork hor..

Ah Kong gia too thao, beh kut orrr..

Kut ya kut, kut yar kut..


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