Asam Fish-Restaurant Choon Sun, Old Klang Road

Posted: June 29, 2008 in @ Old Klang Road
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 Ah Pheng  was visiting from Penang, considering that it was raining and to keep away from the jam in town , we decided not to venture too far but stay within  Old Klang Road and also due to cravings for the Asam fish ( just thinking about it makes me behave like the Pavlov drooling dogs) , we decided on Choon Sun.

 We ordered a potful of chrysantimum tea ( choice was limited as yours truly can’t sleep after drinking other teas)


We ordered the house special Tofu, this it taste more like fried fish paste than tofu that I have to constantly remind myself that it’s tofu, tofu and tofu lahh..and good tofu it was too withh lotsa fish paste.

 For vegetables, we went with stir fried sweet potato leaves, when it arrived, it looked unassuming and not too interesting , a blob of green with no visible garnishing, but looks are deceiving, it was good !

The Kam Heong La-la was a good choice, Ah Pheng find it a bit sweet but Chunny and myself had plenty of la-la shells on our plates…hey, less one competitor for the la la, no one is complaining !

 The star of the show, (and what most influence the choice to have our digestive juices toiled in this establishment and not others ) is the Asam fish. It came wrapped in a lotus leaf, and when the wrappings are uncovered, the fish almost seemed unidentifiable underneath the onions and the gravy. The taste was a perfect blend of  sour, sweet and  spicy. All 3 judges gave a near perfect score! Asam fish boleh ! Asam fish boleh!

 One other thing, if by any chance you wish to be re-acquainted with the Rukun Negara, or  want  to show off your patriotism over the Asam fish by reciting the Rukun Negara, do not fret, just reach for the nearest Premier tissue box..( BTW do they still have the Rukun Negara printed behind the exercise books ? what about the multiplication tables, are they still there ?)


Location : Jalan Anggur, Taman Desa.  If you are heading towards the OKR market this is the last junction before the turning into Taman Desa, a more prominent sign would be  Hup Hock Car Assesories and Service Centre which occupied the corner,  Choon Sun is immediately beside this. Across the road is a Hyundai showroom. Choon San only opens for dinner.


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