Fried Tapioca Noodles- Old Klang Road

Posted: June 29, 2008 in @ Old Klang Road
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It was a gloomy and cool Saturday evening, and the life threatening question of ‘want to eat what har ? cropped up during dinner time. Tired of regular noodles , we decide to give the famous tapioca noodles at Old Klang Road a try.



It was not difficult to locate as the market was a well known landmark, but we weren’t sure which one of the 2 of the stalls was to be our host for the evening, turned out that it’s none of the two!

 There were some newspaper articles the walls , we did a brief run-through to check out what should we order. We decided to try the Tapioca noodles , ‘Pak Khor’-white rice sticks  and oat-coated ribs.


The Tapioca noodles was good, a good number of prawns and lots of garnishings including dried prawns and spring onions, there were some undertones of celery which blends nicely with the noodles.


The Pak Kor was ok, the taste was more one dimensional compared to the noodles which had a wider range for the taste buds.


The oat coated ribs, (hmm..maybe this should be renamed as nestum rib balls ? ) was very nice, as you bite through  the crunchy coating, you will be greeted with the tender pork rib-side meat on the inside , although deep fried in oil, the balls do not have that oily taste


By the time we finish our delightful meal, we realized that all the other tables were taken. We find that many of the tables had ordered the crushed-ginger steamed fish.


For some idea of the pricing, the tapioca noodles was RM11, Pak kor RM6.50 and oat rib balls RM10.


I will be back to test out the steam fish, fried tung-hoon and specialty  tauhoo the next time.

Opening hours 11am – 3pm ; 6pm-10pm

Location : Batu 4 ½ Jalan Klang Lama- please refer to map below ( thanks Wikipedia Lim for the map). As you turn into the school, the restaurant  is on the left side of the road, watch out for the signboard. Map is copied from


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